Divya Mehta - The Architect

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Divya Mehta - The Architect
Divya Mehta - The Architect from the city of Joy - Kolkata.


Architect, Divya Mehta, is in mid 20's and her portfolio already boasts of 10 successfully completed projects.Divya completed her B.Arch and moved to Kolkata where she started her work. She says, “As a student of B.Arch. I always wanted to create spaces instead of just creating walls or just useless elements which are of no local relevance in relation to the materials or to its architectural elements and features. In search of my immediate green and tropical solutions I reached out to Ar. C.S. Lim, more commonly known as Ar. Jimmy Lim. My internship with Aga Khan Award winner and Jury member Ar. Jimmy Lim gave me a straight through insight into the professional world of architects.

 Divya's Residence project

I attended the Award Ceremony of The Aga Khan Awards held in Malaysia in the year 2007 and heard my greatest idols speak and showcase their award winning projects. Meeting various established and world renowned architects not only widened my horizon but also became a driving factor in most of my current designs with the idea to make ergonomically good projects with economically good budgets. Use of local materials and innovative designs and modern techniques helped me kick start my career within a short span.”

Her first project was a G+4 independent residential bungalow in a posh Kolkata locality. With a total of 8,500 sq. ft. of built up area this was her first professional canvas. The design, in line with her innovative mind constituted double walled brickwork and the exterior of the building wore an earthy look with Jaisalmer gold sandstone(dry installed using metal clamps keeping the humid climate of the city in mind). Water Jet cut 50mm thick stone panels 20Feet high, highlight the facade. Equipped with modern security systems and a no railing concept, this house stands out as one of its kind in the locality. Divya’s expertise lies in Individual tenements, township planning, and institutional buildings including college campuses and hospitals. In fact, she is currently working on the following:
• Dental college with a 100 bedded hospital in Kolkata, West Bengal, India
• College Campus on 15 Acres of land in Barasaat, West Bengal, India
• College Campus on 12 Acres of land in Gobindpur, West Bengal, India
• College Campus on 10 Acres of land in Kodalia, West Bengal, India,
• Township Project of 1.7 million Sq. Ft. in Chennai, India

When asked what really motivates her to dream big and actually achieve her dreams, she says, ‘Planning sustainable and planned architecture. Buildings which not only conserve energy for
generations to come but also help create a living space which speaks for itself, is long–standing, long-lasting and the design well connected to the environment as well as for the people it is designed.Her designs inspire good living and Divya says, ‘ I want to contribute my bit in making world a greener, sustainable and aesthetically better place to live in.’


Thanks Divya for giving us these beautiful buildings.




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